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More Physiotherapy Medical India established in 2018, is capital city's First Health & Beauty Equipments  company. More Physiotherapy  Medical India collaborates with a global health company, More Physiotherapy Best, contributing to the health of mankind with its highest technology.


More Physiotherapy . is a company specializing in medical instrument loved by the people around the world with the high-technology and customer-oriented experiment marketing and warm customer service like the mind of our mother. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has made astonishing growth rate. it has been ranked as the number one company who has exported the most medical heating Equipmentss for home use. More Physiotherapy was named Brand of the Year in the medical device category for the Korean and Chinese markets based on consumer opinion for five years in a row. More Physiotherapy is committed to practice the spirit of health, love and service and diverse social contribution service to contribute to the health of human through its Best Houses around the world with its value-striving Equipments and service for customer satisfaction.


More Physiotherapy has remarkable outcome to structure the sales network around the world over 1,500 More Physiotherapy Houses in only 5  years of its establishment, beginning with Russia and expanding to more than 18 countries including major countries like USA, France, Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, bahrin, Qatar, UAE, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Kuwait, Iraq, Nigeria,Algeria,keniya Nepal,Bhutan, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh,Korea,China Paraguay and others. More Physiotherapy  Medical India is totally work pattern of More Physiotherapy Co, with the mission and final goal of More Physiotherapy is to make all the people around the world healthy.

Laabhaanam Shreshtam Aarogyam"
Health is the best wealth that can be attained!
Because without having a healthy body, one cannot gain any other thing in life.

That is why Ayurveda's aim is said to be "Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aathurasya vikara prashamanam cha"

As Acharya Sushruta said, the swasthya lakshanas- how an healthy body should be is "Samadosha samagnischa samadhatu malakriyah
Prasanna atmendriya manah swastha ityabhidheeyate"

Which points out that the state of being healthy is not attained by having proper state of Tridoshas, proper condition of Agni, properly nourished functioning dhatus, and proper evacuation of malas only. The atma, indriya and manas also should be prasanna that is, in a stable functioning condition.

One can be said healthy on attaining healthiness in all three levels, viz- Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.https://g.page/r/CWdtjIhg5cNDEB0/review


  Our  Natural Principles
 principles like Massage, Moxibustion, Chiropractic, Acupressure, thermal and Magnetic effect to human body in order to achieve good health management & wellness throughout the human life.


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